Ghost in Phoenix Plaza Cheras

Yes, ghosts. Not one but many. You see, my friend Jason visited Phoenix Plaza in Cheras not long ago. Phoenix Plaza happened to be quite an old shopping complex but back in the 80s, it was one of the hot spots of Cheras. Jason went there because as he was invited to a game of badminton and apparently, there is a badminton court indoors that are ready for rent to those interested in this sport.

It was the first time that Jason went there and he did not know where to park his car so he went around the parking lots looking for a suitable carpark. After deciding to park in this specific floor, he looked around for the exit and asked his friends (who were already there in the middle of the game) where was the location of the court. After searching for a while, he decided to go to the toilet first and then only search for the court. Because it was already late in the evening, he did not think of anything weird about the emptiness of the parking lot. He did not even think that there was anything weird when he heard footsteps following behind him walking towards the empty washroom.

After releasing himself, he went to wash his hands and realized that the washroom was empty. It was then that he thought, “This is weird, I thought I heard someone following behind me into one of the cubicles. But, I did not hear the person leaving the washroom as the door would open and close with a squeaky noise”. As he walked out of the washroom, he noticed the chinese restaurant filled with people and was pretty busy. Again, he thought to himself that the chinese restaurant must really have good food since the business was so good even in the weekdays!

After walking for a few minutes following his friend’s instructions, Jason finally found the court and met up with his friends for a good game of badminton. As they were leaving, Jason had to pass by the chinese restaurant again as his car was parked around there. He immediately noticed that the chinese restaurant was closed and boarded up. This time, he thought to himself that the chinese restaurant really closes early!

The following day when Jason and his friends commented about the game they had yesterday, Jason promptly spoke up about the chinese restaurant he saw and suggested to his friends that they could go there for dinner someday. Immediately, all his friends kept quite and looked at him funnily. Finally, one of his friends told him that the chinese restaurant had already been closed for some years. Jason immediately told them that it was impossible as he saw many people and even waitresses and waiters serving hot steaming food! It was then that Jason realized that the chinese restaurant was boarded up because it had been closed for many years!

Source : spookycorner

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