Most Weird Town Names

1. Fucking
Fucking (German pronunciation: ‘fʊkɪŋ) is an Austrian village near Salzburg. Although it is populated with only 104 people, it is world wide known because of the meaning that its name has in the English speaking world. The road signs are great attraction for tourists, so they often steal them. However, the name has nothing to do with the meaning in English, it means “place of Focko’s people.”

2. Hooker
The town named by the oldest profession is located in Oklahoma and is populated with less than 2000 people. However, the people are not ashamed by the name, but they’re proud of it and never miss a chance to hail their town. Names of objects such as Hooker Health Club, Hooker Senior Citizens and Hooker Chamber of Commerce can be seen there.

3. Hell
Although the people (over 250) in this town in Michigan don’t live so badly, their town’s name is Hell. The town grew up around tavern, distillery, sawmill and gristmill, all owned by George Reeves. There are two legends about the name. According to the first, when Reeves was asked about the name of the new town, he allegedly said: “I don’t care, you can name it Hell for all I care.” According to the second one, two German travelers in 19thcentury came in Hell and said “So schön hell!” which means “”So beautifully bright!”

4. Accident
Accident is located on the far west of Maryland and is one of the first settlements there. It is a very peaceful place, where big things rarely happened. Although there’s no big accident noted in the history of the town, it bears that name – Accident. Fortunately, they people have no problem with that.

5. Boring
Boring is a widely known town in Oregon due to its name. Towns are often considered as boring places to live, but the citizens of this place don’t agree with that. For their hometown they use the slogan “The most exciting place to live.” Nevertheless, it wasn’t named after the way of living there, but after W. H. Boring, an early resident of the area.

6. Ding Dong
If a town is located in Bell County, its name has to be Ding Dong, nothing else. It was named by two early settlers in the town, who hired an artist to create a sign for their store in Bell County. There were two bells on the sign, from which words “ding dong” were coming out. When the town grew up, locals accepted that name. The town’s motto is “If you find yourself in Ding Dong, you had to have been looking for it.”

7. Nameless
A town in Tennessee bears the name Nameless. It couldn’t be stranger. There are several theories about the name origin of this little town. According to one of them, when locals applied for a post office they left the name spot blank, so it was rejected as nameless. According to another one the residents themselves decided to remain “nameless.” “This here’s a nameless place if I ever seen one, so leave it be” was their explanation.

8. Cut and Shoot
There has to be a town in Texas named after shooting. In 1912 a community confrontation that could lead to violence happened. There is a debate about the reasons, with three of them as most probable: the design of a new steeple for the town only church, the issue of who should be allowed to preach there, or the conflicting land claims among church members. Whatever the reason was, there was a small boy to repeated “I’m going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute!” And the new name was found.

9. Nothing
Nothing, Arizona was found in 1977 by four people, who are still the only who live there. It’s not weird just the name, but also is the town itself. On the road sign there’s a message: “The staunch citizens of Nothing are full of Hope, Faith, and Believe in the work ethic. Thru-the-years-these dedicated people had faith in Nothing, hoped for Nothing, worked at Nothing, for Nothing.” The entire population runs a gas station and a garage, by the way.

10. Santa Claus
Santa Claus is a town in Indiana, not Lapland. The town was nameless for a long time, so the people gathered in the local church in order to find a name. They couldn’t find an agreement, until a white bearded man dressed in red came there. The children just cried: “It’s Santa Claus!” and the problem was resolved.

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