Movies That Will Make You Crazy

The following list is a list of movies (both good and bad) that will drive you mad.  If you select three films on this list to see this week, and then select three new ones to see next week , you will probably end up in a mental hospital.

1. Eraserhead

This is just a beginning.

2. The Room

A strange, almost David Lynch-like atmosphere fills the movie, but the difference between Tommy Wisau and Lynch that Lynch makes his films so on purpose!

3. During the Day

My entire family got sick of watching this movie.

4. The End of Evangelion

a bit to much..

5. The Andalusian Dog

6. Being John Malkovich

7. Blood Dinner

This is madness! This is madness!

8. Inland Empire

By now it should most of your mind to be gone…

9. Naked Luch

OH, WE HAVE SUCH sights to show you!

10. House of 1000 Corpses


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