Safest Destination To Travel

For people who do not like traveling adventures and unpredictable situation, but rather for it to be organized in advance, maximum comfortable and safe we made ​​a list of 10 most suitable destinations.

1. New Zealand

Who has been at the New Zealand position, the ideal destination for tourists seeking peace and security . This is the safest country and the Global Peace Index survey.

2. Island

Island, Foto: vicmontol/Flickr
Island took second place thanks to one special feature: the percentage of crime is so low that half of the security forces here never carry weapons.

3. Austria

Tyrol, Photo: Apache / Flcikr
After a turbulent past, this small country is now calm, peaceful and committed to diplomacy. Ideal for lovers of art and history, but also for those who love sports and good food.  “The most dangerous” thing that can happen to you in Austria is to meet the group in traditional costumes of Tyrolians.

4. Norway

Norway, Photo: Fraskeland / Flickr
Norway, the land of fjords, quiet and sleepy what can only be a country accustomed to the eternal ice.  The only problem is that its capital, Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world.  Security has a price.

5. Ireland

Castle in Dublin Photo: John Walsh / Flickr
Ireland, home of whiskey and beer, in which the percentage of crime is extremely low.  The only discomfort that you can experience here from the local elves who apply for a “boisterous”.

6. Denmark

Then, in sixth place, another Nordic country, Denmark. It’s cities are perfect for drinking beer, eating fish and riding a bike trough beautiful landscapes.

7. Luxembourg

Luxembourg, Photo: Europart / Flickr
Little Luxembourg occupies seventh place among the safest destinations.  May not have access to the sea, but no attacks, no kidnappings, no poisonous insects.

8. Sweden

Stockholm, Photo: Mr. Plil Price / Flcikr
At the eighth position is Sweden. Kingdom Karl Gustav XVI welcomes tourists with open arms with its unspoiled nature, beautiful girls and tolerant attitude.

9. Singapore

Sigapur, Photo:
The following city-state of Singapore, a rich and peaceful place where tourists can see a lot in a small space. So no major shifts that are always accompanied by risk.

10. Switzerland

If we exclude the accident in the mountains, you may have something bad happen is minimal. After all, Bern, Geneva and Zurich are among the safest cities of the world.

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