World Ending 2012

If you have never heard of the doomsday prophecy along with the date 21st December 2012 then where have you been?! With the interweb rife with chatter and conspiracy theorists hyperventilating over this coming date it has been pretty hard to have not. Like all good conspiracies there is in-depth information and surprisingly eyebrow lifting facts which make the hardest of cynics think twice before the scoffing begins. Whether you are a believer or not, it sure makes for an interesting read. Let us look at the top theories which have people worried; what are the reasons behind the hysteria?
The Sumerians where a super advanced civilization which was settled in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) around 5000 – 4000 BC, it is debated that they were actually the earliest civilization discovered. They were advanced in architecture; building the most incredible layered plat formed pyramids and temples and the very first civilization to be accustomed with metrology system which resulted in the creation of arithmetic, geometry and algebra.
But more surprisingly is that they were so advanced in the astrology of our galaxy from the colours of our planets to their moons, that these facts recorded from all that time ago have only been proven in the past century.  In 1851 a collection of Sumerian books and 22,000 scrolls were discovered in Iraq. They tell the story of a flood changing Earth as we know it, wiping mankind from the planet, a story which is reiterated in Genesis. They also point to a planet which we refer to in modern day terms as Planet X.
Planet X is said to be enormous in size – 4 times bigger than Jupiter in fact, dwarfing the Earth. The Sumerian’s had another name for it – Nibiru.
Above is a seal which depicts our solar system with the sun centred and with the planets placed orbiting around it. You can see there is a 12th planet which they named Nibiru and is assumed to be a dwarf planet.
Nibiru translates to – ‘planet of the crossing’ and legend or fact has it, Nibiru travels around a long elliptical orbit only coming towards earth every 3600 years coinciding with the end of the Mayan calendar, which ends? You guessed it December 21st 2012 and that is where the date comes from. Some think that the Sumerians and Mayans were not predicting the end of the earth but a consciousness in human enlightenment and a new beginning for the human race.

Planetary Alignment
On the same date the Mayan calendar ends (21st December 2012) the sun goes straight through galactic equator, an alignment which only ever happens once every 26,000 years. It is stated that this alignment of the sun and the planets which enters the dark rift of the Milky Way will be the first time it will be witnessed and recorded in history to date, therefore we have no knowledge of what destruction or affect if any it will have on Earth.

Some think this coinciding with the calendar is worrying. Did they really know something we do not? Gossip is widespread with concerns of polar shifts and all kinds of end of day’s biblical destruction. We all know that the planets and the sun does affect conditions here on earth, but some say this will have no precedence on us at all, others state that we will see an increase in solar activity and large scale disruption. It seems even the scientists cannot agree on this forth coming anomaly.

Solar Storm NASA Warning
In 2010 and again earlier this year NASA issued a warning on an up-coming solar maximum for late in 2012, scientists say that the sun will be entering and passing through an interstellar energy cloud which excites/energizes the sun. What affects could this have on planet Earth? Well, it is stated that it could in fact dismantle and frazzle our satellites knocking out our power grids, ending our communications for month’s maybe years. Something we are not prepared for, worse case – prompting worldwide blackouts, ending the usage of technology we rely on daily, from cell phones to navigational systems.  NASA also states that it will cause more natural disasters such as much larger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions along with extreme weather.
          Main tunnel of seed vault.  National Geographic
Worryingly enough our governments seem to be preparing for some kind of major event  behind the scenes ,  vast seed banks have been structured underground in Russia and Norway . FEMA camps have been stockpiling disposable coffins in their 100,000’s and construction of underground bases for the “elite” seem to be being built underneath our very own noses. Under Denver Airport being one of them.
See video:  News Report
So there you have it! I have touched on just some of the rumours and theories circling the web. Should we be worried or do we thrive on these conspiracies, excited by the unknown, doomsday scenarios and biblical prophecies! Personally, I will not be worrying just yet and hey, if it does happen nothing much we can do about it, it’s not like we would be informed by our governments anyway.
Maybe I will stock up on water and some tinned food just in case…

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