Alien Found in Russia

April 20, 2011 - Irkutsk, Russia has claimed more than a few sightings of UFOs and brushes with the extraterrestrial, in fact there are many claims made each year, so it may not seem so unusual that there is yet another encounter claimed now. The remarkable aspects of this particular encounter are that the unusual alien creature was dead and that it was filmed. There has been no confirmation yet as to whether the corpse like object in the snow is, in fact, alien, puppet, or something else.


The alien body was found by two Russian men in a depression in the snow, by what appears to be uprooted tree roots. It has a humanoid shape, it has arms and legs as well as a skull shaped similarly to that of a humans though the dome of the skull appears to be longer. The skull has deep holes for both eyes and a mouth, though no immediately apparent indication of a nose. The "corpse" is missing part of its left leg and partially buried in the snow. It is approximately two feet in hight and fairly thin.

Those who believe this creature to be extra terrestrial believe that there may be some correlation between its death and a claimed UFO crash in the same area approximately a month earlier. Theories include the possibility that it died in the supposed crash, and was left behind, or that a special division of the Russian military devoted to addressing extraterrestrial related problems missed it while cleaning up the supposed UFO crash

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