The Amazing Spiderman 2012 Reviews

Most of us still have intricate memories of Sam Raimi’s trilogy of box-office busting Spider-Man films which he made between 2002 and 2007. 

One of the reasons they did so well were down to the small matter that they we really well written, performed and directed, and – though still cherished as a schlock horror maestro – they gave some serious heft to Raimi’s name. 

And so, with no ties to this new franchise whatsoever, Spidey gets another (potentially big money) runabout with Brit golden boy Andrew Garfield donning the red spandex bodysuit as your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Directed by Marc ‘(500) Days of Summer’ Webb and scripted by Steve Kloves (his first non ‘Harry Potter’-based gig for nearly a decade), it’s going to be very tough for people to overlook the fact that you can only flog Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s fantastical source material so many times each generation. 

Expectations, though, are understandably high, as the film has been pencilled in for the crucial July 4 weekend in 2012.

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Hope that this film will explode and be better than its predessesor although i think that the main character looks a bit ugly than Tobey Maguire and the costumes look a little classic. But, what about your opinion?

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