Man Shot at Cinema for Eating Popcorn Too Loudly !!!

Man Shot at Cinema for Eating Popcorn Too LoudlyAt a cinema in Latvia, a 42-year-old man was shot dead for eating popcorn too loudly while watching the movie “Black Swan.”
Witnesses said the incident occurred on Saturday at a central multiplex cinema Riga, Latvian capital, while the credits rolled for Natalie Portman’s Oscar-nominated film “Black Swan,” according to Latvian news agency Leta.
When the credits rolled, the younger man pulled out a legally registered firearm and shot the other man dead.
Other audience members then called the police and an ambulance.
The police arrested the 27-year-old suspect, believed to be “a graduate of the police academy who holds a doctorate in law from the University of Latvia,” but who has never served as a police officer.
An eyewitness said the victim disturbed other viewers by rustling his pack all the time and crunching loudly.
“Forum Cinemas” has declined to comment on the incident, and movie showings continued as scheduled.

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