Beutiful Beaches Around the World

Today we’ll talk about the best beaches around the world as we know all the lovers of travel, every country in the world has a guarded secret as to offshore water we see immense beaches, places to visit like beaches medium with this sea blue sky, white sands, where we can see the coral reefs and marine life, is nothing strange to see tourists from around the world, and no wonder, the coves of theBalearic or Canary Islands, are equal beautiful beaches of the Algarve to as the beaches of Central America, which is why we count the ten best beaches in the world, suddenly these rentals go expecting little and you love the waves, surely these destinations may be worth off in your calendar for the coming months.

Seychelles (East Africa)

If you travel to Seychelles will feel you are visiting the last frontier in the world, or the Earthly Paradise. Its natural beauty, untouched by man and adventure make it an essential destination for enjoying nature.

The 115 granite and coral islands of Seychelles are located from 4 to 10 degrees south of Ecuador, between about 480 and 1600 kilometers from the east coast of Africa in the Western Indian Ocean himself. The attributes of this archipelago include adjectives such as beauty, harmony and tranquility, is recognized internationally for its pristine beaches and natural diversity in mind that ranges from lush forests to the warm blue ocean.
Beautiful beaches
Tulum (Mexico)
In Tulum you’ll face an unusually magical, awesome, happy leaving all the tourists who visit for the first time, but surely returning for visit Tulum, perforce, will leave you wanting to return. Why?, Not only surrounded by the turquoise waters of Mexican Caribbean, but also takes you on a journey through time and if you have a lot of imagination and vislumbrarás demarcarás probably what was the great Maya civilization.
Beautiful beaches
Itacare (Brazil)
The Coast Itacare in Brazil, is a succession of beaches and palm-covered hills and forests, a few kilometers from the village you will find many beaches that are well preserved and without any infrastructure. Itacare is south of Salvador in Bahia state. It offers a historic and magical as the movie Pirates of the Caribbean because this region during the colonial period was the place where Jack Sparrow at the time, was hiding.
Beautiful beaches
Los Roques (Venezuela)
Prepare to meet one of the most beautiful areas of Venezuela. The National Park Archipelago Los Roques was created in 1972 to protect the marine ecosystem, its exceptional beauty and ecological value dominated by coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds. It is located about 128 kilometers from the port of “La Guaira” in Caracas and covers some 221,000 hectares. Coral reefs are home to one of the most beautiful flora and fauna under the water of the Caribbean.
Beautiful beaches
Anguilla (Lesser Antilles)
Anguilla is located in the Caribbean Sea, is the northernmost of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean, located between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Its territory consists of beautiful islands and cays. The North Coast offers a beach that is ideal for exploring, but not for swimming.
Beautiful beaches
The Algarve (Portugal)
The Algarve region is extensive and very nice, with the most delicious Mediterranean climate and the smell of the sea at low tide combined with the wild flowers. If you want to venture from the Algarve might as well take a stroll through the narrow streets, alleys and steps that are somewhat away from the coast, but desembocas along the coast where you will receive a backdrop that can not match, talk about the most beautiful beaches in Europe where you can admire the rocky coastline.
Beautiful beaches

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