Creative Buildings

All people want to live in a fancy house or at least comfortable, but for that we need money and lots of creativity, but the architects are those who can create the house of our dreams with paying a lot of money.
The next buildings, show a great job and amazing creativity.

1. Longaberger Basket Building
Unique and elegant building that looks like a basket or picnic basket giant, this building is located in Newark, Ohio.
most creative buildings
2. Barcode building
Is the name of this stunning design for a creative office building and is in the center of St. Petersburg in Russia.
most creative buildings
3. Sanrio Strawberry House
The unusual design shaped strawberry, is located in Denenchofu, Tokio (JapĆ³n).
most creative buildings
4. Dancing House
Is the name given to this building designed by Czech architect Vlado Milunic in collaboration with Canadian Frank Gehry, took that name because to see the house could almost see a couple of dancers.
most creative buildings
5. Burj Al Fateh Hotel
Elegant and luxurious design of this five-star hotel is located in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.
most creative buildings

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