Creepy 3D Drawing

These creepy and dizzying illustration are the awesome art by illustrator Dain Fagerholm. Dain is a Seattle-based artist who refers to his creepy animated arts as Stereographic Drawings. 

For information stereographic images is also recognized as two parallel still visuals, varying only slightly in angle, that are meant to be viewed in such a way that the mind combines the two to create a 3D image. Stereographic images have existed for hundreds of years as a 3D illustrative technique and in this method, artist tricks the eye with two parallel images captured with a minor difference in perspective to be shown at a close range.

Dain initially sketches with colorful markers or pens and then converts it into stereographic GIFs, enabling his two dimensional drawings to become three dimensional, moving images. Working in ink and markers, Dain's unearthly monsters and gem-wielding creatures appear like sketches that have leapt out of a paper into the third dimension images.

The dual perspective technique, displayed as a gif, is especially effective at enlivening these otherworldly beasts. Creepy...

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