Abby Abadi Loses Endorsement Deal Over PAS Membership

Local celebrity Abby Abadi has lost a headscarf endorsement deal after she joined PAS, the party’s news portal Harakah Daily reported today.
Harakah Daily quoted Abby as saying  Muslim headscarves company Al-Humaira’ Contemporary (AHC) stopped using her services as brand ambassador effective July 4.
“I receive (the news) with an open heart and I apologise for involvement in Pakatan Rakyat (PR),” she wrote on her Twitter account today.
The popular actress had before that posted AHC’s comments that her involvement in politics had affected the company’s business.
But AHC today defended its action on the social networking site Facebook, saying that it has a legal right to terminate the contract as they “deem fit according to situation/circumstances.”
The company did not mention Abby’s name but made references to her.
Abby was recently in the news for saying that devout Muslim artistes will only work in the creative industry again if it complies with Islamic laws.
The singer had said that will happen when PR takes over Putrajaya in the next general elections, pinning her hopes on PAS.
PAS appears to be making inroads in wooing local artistes and establishment figures to their camp in the run-up to the polls.
Apart from Abby, notable celebrities include musician Bob Lokman who has penned several songs for PR, which have been uploaded on YouTube.

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