Baby Dies After Parents Can’t Pay RM11

A FIVE-day-old baby girl died at a government-run hospital at Jalandhar after her father was unable to pay Rs200 (RM11) for treatment.
Painter Sanjeev Kumar and his wife Anita accused the staff of killing the baby who was born prematurely in the hospital on July 20. The staff had allegedly asked Sanjeev to deposit 200 rupees for the use of an incubator.
He was unable to pay and the staff allegedly withdrew all treatment and handed the baby over to the mother, reported Tamil Nesan.
Within hours, the condition of the baby deteriorated and it died in Anita's arms.
Hospital staff tried to shift the blame to the parents, arguing that a written request was needed for the use of the incubator.
> A 23-year-old salesman murdered his ex-girlfriend by slitting her throat inside a garment store in Thirumangalam on Tuesday.
The man then tried to commit suicide and is now fighting for his life. The murder was recorded on a CCTV camera at the store.
Police said the victim M. Bhavani, 19, a resident of Gandhi Nagar and a sales assistant at the store, was confronted by her ex-boyfriend Muruganandham.
He drew a small knife from his pocket and slit Bhavani's throat. As she collapsed on the floor, Muruganandham slit his throat.

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