Dog dumped in manhole is still alive, claims Somali

PETALING JAYA: The tale of the dog dumped into a manhole in Cyberjaya has taken a twist with the perpetrator claiming it is still alive.
The Somali student who was caught on video dumping the dog named Kanilla, said the manhole led to an external outlet which had an exit big enough for the dog to get out.
“The dog didn’t die, it ran out,” said the student who had pushed the dog down the manhole with the help of a friend.
He was taking care of Kanilla for a month while its 19-year-old Jordanian owner went back home. The Somali student called The Star and claimed he had gone to the manhole to check on Kanilla the following morning.
“We even went down the manhole but there was no dog or carcass there,” he said.
When asked why he had committed such a heinous act, the student said: “It was an act of stupidity and we regret it.
“We want to apologise to everyone.”
SPCA chairman Christine Chin reiterated her call to the Department of Veterinary Services to expedite investigations into the case.
“The department has prosecuted fewer than five animal cruelty cases in the last decade, citing lack of evidence.
“Malaysians have seen horrendous animal abuses through the years without any appropriate response from the Government,” said Chin.
Meanwhile, animal welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) is continuing to compile police reports made in relation to the case.

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