Lin Dan defender blasts Namewee with rock video

A video capture from Namewee's clip in which he lamented Chong Wei's loss and threatened Lin Dan with a punch-up.
A video capture from Namewee's clip in which he lamented Chong Wei's loss and threatened Lin Dan with a punch-up.
Namewee just can't get a break, can he? The unfolding drama and fallout after his YouTube rant against world number one badminton superstar and two-time Olympic gold medallist Lin Dan, who defeated Lee Chong Wei at the London Games, continues unabated even after two weeks.
In a case of tit for tat, a former journalist from China has posted his own video on the Internet, taking the music from a rock song made popular by the double act Phoenix Legend, and writing his own lyrics to it—albeit in a more satirical and humorous manner, minus the profanities found in Namewee's video.
Liu Dongdong—a name that would make anyone smile—produced the clip that's translated as I Come From The Prairie, and which has been viewed close to a million times since it was posted on last Friday 10th August. A YouTube version has attracted almost 50,000 hits as of Monday 13th August.
A loose translation of the lyrics reads:
"Heard you're very cocky/ Use songs to pour out indignations/ Open the video clip/ Cluttered with foul odour/ Why the scolding?/ Idol lost in competition/ You're very narrow-minded/ Take thing too hard."
"Take part in Olympic games/ There's victory, there's failure/ Chong Wei hadn't express anything/ And you're there talking nonsense/ See Lin Dan win/ The world cheers for him/ Urge you to delete the clip/ Don't mess around."
"Last time you boycotted the outside world/ A small countryman's mindset/ Now you’re stepping in chaos/ Selling your dignity/ Your little talent/ Better don't show off/ Otherwise if I hit/ Tens of thousands of peach blossoms bloom."
"I acknowledge your talent/ The music is not bad/ But you shouldn't insult other people/ Your vulgarities blown into the sea by wind/ Many fishes died of poisoning/ If you know your mistake and correct it/ You're considered a good person."
Chinese and Malaysia netizens have given the thumbs up to Dongdong's little ditty, while Namewee's video continues to draw backfire from both groups.
In an effort to stem the tide of vitriol aimed at him, Namewee posted an apology on Facebook, saying, "I'm just letting off my dissatisfaction as a fan. It's normal when the person you supported lost in a match."
Responding to calls by the people to boycott his new movie, Hantu Gangster, with opened last week to good reviews, Namewee said: "They're just netizens, not the government. Netizens can boycott anything."

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