The Tarzan Story

I watched Tarzan on tv, I played Tarzan on console. These were my only several encounters with Tarzan, the ape-man, a fictional character in a novel called Tarzan of the Apes. It was then made popular into tv series, motion films, comics and console gaming. What so special about Tarzan which made him so popular and some number of people turn the character into a cult. Yeah, I remember his famous 'call of the wild' to gather all animals in the jungle, which is his unique ability (or trademark) that no one has ever come up with similar idea later, even not until now.
Old Tarzan movie [source: Filmofilia]
Clad only in a dark brown loincloth, Tarzan, whose real name is John Clayton, is portrayed as a muscular cave man (but not as shaggy as the real one) who swings from tree to tree as he moves around the jungle he dwells in. He befriends animals and almost can communicate with them in ways I can't remember anymore. Was it verbal? Or mind-to-mind telepathy? Or both? His partner, Jane came into the picture soon later. I don't recall much of Jane as the main character Tarzan was too 'attractive' as compared to the plain Jane. Eventually, Tarzan married Jane and they lived happily ever after. Sounds like fairy tale, doesn't it? But I do remember there was another guy, a hunter who dressed up in light brown English-like soldier uniform carrying a hunting rifle was Tarzan's and the animals' only enemy. I'm not adding any imagination factor into this but based more on my experience playing the Tarzan game. Of course, without a bad guy a movie or game can't sell.
However, the influence of Tarzan has reached far greater than memories and fantasies. For DeWet Du Toit, a 24 year-old South African lad who used to work in Manchester, UK as a security guard, Tarzan is more like a mirror image of him. He started to know Tarzan since he was young and became obsessed with the character since then. Maybe his personal life in an African surroundings with his parents made him fell in love with Tarzan. He in fact has spent more precious time in the animal kingdom rather than in his own house. He also consumes wild fruits, berries and insects that can be found in the jungle as his staple diet. Luckily his former career as a bodybuilder helps him with the body toning because to be Tarzan, he needs to have the build for sure.
Crouching tiger style?
Upon watching his promo video, I can't say I'm impressed enough. There are a few elements which I think should be improved or added to it to make it more convincing especially when Du Toit's aim is the Hollywood film-maker cum director like Steven Spielberg. Those elements found to be missing from the video are:
  1. Animals - as Tarzan lives in the jungle, his life is all about flora and fauna. There are trees, which is fine but there was only one type of animal, the elephant featured in the short video.
  2. Jane - as Tarzan's partner, Jane is more likely to be a necessary add-on but can't be seen in the promo. And Jane must be as flex (and revealing) as Tarzan does.
  3. Killing of big-foot or gorilla-like creature isn't necessary. Gorilla is in grave danger of extinction and how can Tarzan simply  eliminates such species and celebrate.
  4. Tarzan appears to be quite stiff in the video. He even looked at camera a few times.
For Du Toit, you've made the effort and you can just wait for the big call from Hollywood (or Bollywood?). You may be the next Tarzan.
Taming the big cat

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