What they said of Chong Wei's match

I AM very proud of Lee Chong Wei as he gave his best. I can see that he wanted very much to win the gold medal for Malaysia. But the people of Malaysia can feel proud that he gave his best. There is no shame. It’s just that Lin Dan was a little better today.
There is no question that Chong Wei did not have luck with him. We cannot ask more than that from him. He is a real fighter to have come so far and he needs all our support. I have followed his games and you can see that Lin Dan also gave away the first game and came back stronger. Chong Wei is a hero.
Tun Ahmad Sarji (Malaysia’s chef-de-mission)
We climbed the Everest, only to fail with just one or two step away. That is how close Chong Wei came to winning it. We are proud of him and credit to him for having come this far. There is no shame in this defeat and I believe that it will encourage us to try and win the gold medal in the coming years.
I am also happy with the support offered to Chong Wei to succeed and it bodes well for the future.
Datuk Zolkples Embong (NSC director-general)
So close and yet so far for us. Only little separated the two players and there is no denying that he did his best. What more can we ask from him? He played a superb game but Lin Dan had that extra in him. I think we can say that the old Chong Wei is back. His form shows that he has lost nothing and others can take encouragement from his performance. This is a game at the highest level and it doesn’t get any better than this.
Tey Sue Bok (Chong Wei’s coach)
He did everything that we had planned and he came close to snatching the gold medal. In the end it is the little extra that you have in the final stages which counts. There is no question that Chong Wei matched Lin Dan in every way today. He also stuck to the strategy that was devised for him. But there are other things like the draught in the stadium and luck that can play a role. I am proud of him and his achievement here.
Rashid Sidek (Chong Wei’s coach)
It was tremendous effort from Chong Wei. There were some mistakes and the draught affected both players. There was a lot of misjudgment and Lin Dan made mistakes too.
But in the end it was the player with the greater mental strength who won the day. In terms of skill, Lin Dan is good and he has everything.
He took everything Chong Wei threw at him and hit back with some his own. Chong Wei has speed, good defence and staying power. What more can you do?
Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz (CEO of NSI)
It is a credit to Chong Wei to come back from an ankle injury to play like that. But in the end, it wasn’t enough. You must always have that little extra in your game and ensure that you have done your work. I am proud that he gave his best and showed no signs of the injury.

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