PS3 New Design Ultra Slim

In the past 24 hours, Sony Computer Entertainment has held a press conference at the 2012 Tokyo Games Show where they’ve finally revealed the device we’ve been predicting since the beginning of this year. This did not come as a surprise, and also about the design and the specifications, too much had leaked already to allow for any serious surprises. Still unknown to us and the rest of the outside world is what the design looks like internally, and specifically what chips were used and what integration has been achieved. It can’t take long — only until shortly after its release October 5 — before a company like iSuppli or iFixit publishes a teardown of the new console. Of course we’re going to stay on top of that.
For now, without much further ado, here are specifications, pictures and other details of the new, slimmer PlayStation 3 units.
The new model range is referred to as “CECH-4000 series”. In Japan, there will be models; one with a 500GB Hard Disk Drive (CECH-4000C, 29,980 yen) and one with a 250GB HDD (CECH-4000B, 24,980 yen). The latter will come in two colors — ‘Classic White’ (released 22 November) and ‘Charcoal Black’ (released October 4). The 500GB SKU will only be issued in charcoal black.
Sony PS3 CECH-4000B with 250GB HDD in Clasic White
In Europe and Hong Kong, there will also be a 12GB model, CECH-4000A, on sale from October 12 at 229 euro. No mention yet of details for North America, Latin America or even other Asian territories outside of Japan.
Power consumption has been reduced from 200W to 190W. That suggest there’s no radically new electronics design inside but merely an evolutionary change. Cabinet dimensions have decreased from 290 x 290 x 65 mm to 290 x 230 x 60 mm (width x depth x height) so it got no narrower, a little slimmer but a lot more shallow. The net weight has been lowered from about 2.6 kg to around 2.1 kg. The connections have not changed.
Sony PS3 CECH-4000A with 500GB HDDOne detail we had not foreseen: the new disc loader really uses a sliding lid to cover the disc — not a simple door with a hinge that lifts up.

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